Taryn Noelle

Taryn NoelleTaryn Noelle – “ actor, singer, dancer, choreographer” – simply stated this young talent is a quadruple threat “total” performer. So comfortable on any stage, one quickly recognizes that the very diversity of her performing skills defines her and clearly places her in a field of her own.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Taryn began performing early on as a competitive rhythmic gymnast. Taryn credits Olympic trained coach, Lauren Randolph and her demanding, rigorous training approach for helping construct the necessary discipline and fearless attitude of a consummate performer on any stage. The very nature of this unique sport with its combination of strength, grace, flexibility and agility provided the footing for her affinity to dance and movement. “Nothing is static in the way I view the world. I see everything in terms of movement and energy” always moving, always alive. I learned this early on”, states Noelle. Click here to view photos.

Moving to Vermont as a 13 year old Taryn merged her rhythmic gymnastics with formal dance training. At about the same time she discovered musical theater on local Vermont stages. Suddenly all of the previous training and groundwork began to make sense. Life on the stage, under the lights, was a place that felt more than comfortable – it felt like “home”. She began formal vocal training with NYC and Vermont vocal coach Bill Reed at the age of 15. Early supporting roles on stage quickly converted to leading lady roles (Laurie in “Oklahoma”, Guenevere in “Camelot”, the Leading Player in “Pippin”, Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”, Lily in “The Secret Garden”, Maria in “The Sound of Music”, Grace in “Annie”, Velma in “Chicago” and most recently Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”). Her intensifying love of all performing arts and strong instincts and personal goals began writing the script of her future life. After graduating from high school, Taryn left Vermont for the brighter lights of Broadway and New York City. She completed a two-year intensive theatre program at Circle in the Square Theatre School, in combination with studying voice and dance privately with many of the best in their respective fields. Gritty, serious roles such as Elizabeth Proctor in Arthur Miller’s stage play “The Crucible” provided valuable new learning opportunities and the foundation for her approach to all of her performing skills – find the truth and the connection to the material and make it honest and real for your audience.

In early 2004 Taryn found herself listening more and more to songs from the Great American Songbook and being drawn to singing old standards and swinging swells of 1920’s Paris gypsy jazz and Tin Pan Alley. Returning to Vermont in 2005, Taryn teamed up with longtime pal and jazz pianist Joe Davidian to record and launch her first self released record “On My Way to You”. This album was quickly followed by “There Was a Boy…”. Always searching and exploring new sounds and new styles led her to working with a Burlington based western swing band, Rick and the Ramblers” and she recorded a couple of tracks on their most recent album “I Rode the Ti”.

“You will always find me dancing somewhere. Broadway dance based musicals such as “Contact” and “Movin’ Out” are pure inspiration for me. I have always wanted to create a show like that. It’s in the works”. This self proclaimed projection finds her constantly moving; performing and teaching Latin-inspired “Dancing With the Stars” type pieces, waltzing across the ballroom floor, working a saucy Bob Fosse dance sequence from “Chicago”, balancing on one foot atop a chair during a spicy routine from another Fosse original “Cabaret”, “jumpin’ and jivin’” with a group of teens while choreographing them in a local production of “Grease” – and always teaching – Zumba, jazz, modern, kids, adults, brides and grooms.

In the last two years Taryn has been spreading her wings once again, this time into the world of film. On a recent film set Taryn discovered that “film work is so much harder than stage work. It is so constant, immediate and intense. You must work at such a high level for such long stretches of time. It’s about making one moment last forever, and also staying at the core of your character for the entire story. Amazing work! I take my hat off to film actors”.

Taryn has been a very fortunate recipient of Bill’s teaching for many years and has learned so much from his teaching. She works throughout Vermont as a choreographer, dance teacher, actor and vocalist.