Amy Stiller

AmyStiller_headshotAmy Stiller is an actress. She is funny (as it would be impossible not to be; having Jerry and Anne as her parents and Ben as her brother). In 1995 or so after taking a sketch writing class at Chicago City Limits, she began developing character pieces and shortly after that, started doing standup. This led to performing her characters with the sketch group ‘Urban Side Effects’ in 1997. She continues to do comedy and act, having received praise in the Nantucket Inquirer Mirror for the one-person play Fully Committed, in which she portrayed 40 characters. As a writer, her pieces are published in the anthologies “Dirty Laundry” and “No Kidding.” Appearing in films such as Highway to Hell, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and The Independent, and television shows such as Law and Order, The King of Queens, and Inside Amy Schumer, Amy’s varied and extensive experience allows her to stand boldly as a unique talent with an originality and identity all her own. She performs standup and her autobiographical pieces in New York and Los Angeles.