Testimonials from current students, professionals and alumni…


Whenever anyone asks me how I maintain my voice touring nationally (and soon internationally!!!) I always have two words: Bill Reed. You taught me SOOOOOO much about vocal technique and health and I am incredibly thankful for you!!! ~ Caitlin Krisko, lead singer of The Broadcast

I am thankful for my voice teacher Bill Reed (Dr. Bill Reed actually…he has a PhD in this). In a twist of fate a boy from VT takes lessons with a teacher in VT who for many years taught in NYC on his own and at Circle In The Square. Working with so many amazing Broadway performers and solo artists. This boy decides he wants to be on Broadway, after a time he books his first Broadway show at (drumroll) Circle In The Square! Bill Reed is just such a phenomenal vocal teacher, VT is so so lucky to have him. When I wanted to stay singing with him I was 9. He met with me and agreed to teach me. At first in a group but than I was able to get a slot for private lessons. I can credit my Vocal education to him. From early on he helped develop my mix which I often get complimented on. I came down to NYC in very good and healthy voice. I regularly use his warm up CD as an exercise. There is no mistake that the Vermonters who are working down here mostly come from Bill. If your in VT, and want to do musical theater or anything with your voice you should be working with Bill, I only wish he still traveled to NYC to teach! ~ Oscar Williams, “Christian” in Broadway’s Fun Home

This is a wonderful article (Burlington Free Press story, July 2014) about a great voice teacher and mentor. I apprenticed with Bill Reed for over a year, and his teaching techniques were revolutionary and inspirational to both my singing and teaching. I was surprised by how willing he was to share all of his knowledge with me, but on the other hand, proper voice technique should never be a secret. Thank you, Bill! ~ Emily Day, jazz singer in San Francisco

In Vermont, there is no one more qualified and experienced in the vocal arts than Bill Reed. His mastery of healthy vocal function and technique aside, he has turned budding local talent into national Broadway stars – really, no hyperbole in this statement. He is kind, honest, funny, and generous with his knowledge and connections. I have personally and professionally benefitted from studying with him. ~ Emily Day, jazz singer in San Francisco

Everyone at Spotlight makes you feel so safe. I was able to challenge myself and try new things. I wouldn’t be the same person or artist I am today without the people of Spotlight Vermont, Bill Reed and his voice studio! There is no better place to grow as an artist! ~ Kerstin Anderson, “Maria” in Broadway’s National Tour of The Sound of Music, directed by Jack O’Brien

Working with Bill I gained the endurance to do eight shows a week on Broadway. This man is magic! ~ Gary Lynch, “Javert” in Les Misérables

Anyone who wants to sing in public should take this class. Bill is a brilliant teacher. ~ Cady Huffman, Tony Winner, “Ula” in The Producers

An accomplished singer himself, Bill Reed teaches the person and the voice. ~ Joanna Mihalik, Soprano, Metopolitan Opera Chorus

After the workshop I began to give solid vocal auditions for the first time in my life and I landed my first Broadway role. ~Jennifer Krater, Singer/Dancer, The Will Rogers Follies

Bill Reed’s high caliber of training qualifies singers for starring roles in Broadway shows. ~ Marilyn Scott Murphy, New York talent agent

Bill’s class was truly an important experience for me. It changed my whole understanding of the art of singing and song interpretation ~ Winner, MAC Award

I stuck with it and studied for several years. The singing and song interpretation techniques I learned by working with Bill are ones I’ve carried with me and continued to build on. I was fortunate enough to not only study with Bill but also be directed by him in a production of the Maltby/Shire show “Closer Than Ever”. Simply put, I could not have done the things I have done in theater if it weren’t for Bill. Especially Max (Bialystock). I never could have put Max on stage if it weren’t for him. ~ Tim Barden, co-owner of Spotlight Vermont, “Random Musings” blog

Musical Theatre Summer Intensive

It was exciting to see the most recent batch of Intensive graduates on Sunday. This work ripples throughout our community lending inspiration beyond those who go through the program. ~ Robin Fawcett, private acting teacher, theater teacher at Champlain Valley Union High School and director of Vermont Stage’s 2017 production of FUN HOME

Those were some of the most influential weeks of my life. They shaped who I became as a person and as an artist. I am so grateful to you and to Alan and Larry (and Danyon and Doris and Ken and everyone else!). It is amazing how much can happen in a year. ~ Kerstin Anderson (“Maria” in the Broadway National Tour of The Sound of Music)

I learned so much more this year. It was the same as last year, but this year I paid attention, cared more, and really got more out of it. ~ Pete Spasyk (participant), 2016

I had an amazing time at the intensive with Bill Reed and his team! This Summer Intensive was awesome and I learned so much in just one week! I got to meet many talent kids – they were all role models to me. I loved the choreography, acting and the Alexander Technique! I can’t wait to do it again next year! ~ Anouk Von Bernewitz (participant), 2015

Dear Bill, Thank you so much for making this week happen! I really appreciate how much effort you put into this. Your vocal technique class was very helpful. Also your support meant a lot to me. ~ Lily Isham (participant), 2015

Phenomenal week! Phenomenal staff! Hats off to everyone who makes this week possible. Thank you! ~ Kristin Yardley (parent), 2015

Dear Bill, Thank you for a wonderful week of theater camp. I really enjoyed all the students and thought their growth and work was amazing! ~ Tracy Perrapato (participant), 2015

Hi Bill, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for all of your hard work for bringing the Musical Theater Intensive to VT. It is the BEST training opportunity around combined with world-class faculty. Every year you provide these kids with this unbelievable experience, new-found friendships, and in some cases life changing moments. I feel honored that we get to host this event, and also that Jonny gets to participate. ~ Jen Barden, co-owner of Spotlight Vermont, 2015

What a difference a year makes. Erika’s performance Saturday blew us away. Although much more prepared this year than last, you could tell how much more comfortable, engaging and motivated Erika was during her performance. We are so proud of her. As for the week intensive…. She came home each night exhausted, but ready to go each morning with a big smile on her face. Besides building on her talent as a singer, dancer and overall performer, her confidence has increased by leaps and bounds from working with you. Thanks again for being such a great teacher for Erika. ~ Larry Dubin (parent), 2015

I have been lucky enough to be part of the program twice. I feel like those two weeks have been more beneficial and encouraging to me than anything else I have ever had the chance of experiencing theatrically. I have learned an invaluable amount in the workshops, both about musical theatre and myself, and would love another opportunity to expand my knowledge and confidence. ~Alana Russin, UVM student, 2011

While I love taking classes in the city, I will always have a place in my heart for lessons with you, and workshops with you and Alan. I think, to this day, it’s the best training I’ve ever had. Thank you for that. ~Campbell Dunsmore, 2011

For me, the summer intensive was amazing. I loved not being judged and being able to make new friends. The lessons were fun and helped a lot and I just overall loved it. I would/am definitely doing it next year! ~Kess Moulton, 2012

I learned SO much at the Intensive! It was an amazing experience! I could feel myself being taken to a new level! ~Teagan Klein, 2012

My breakthrough experience was when I realized that acting was not about performing and showing off, but about expressing oneself truly for who one is. ~ Emily Sprague, 2013

He was fantastic!

The workshop provides a ‘safe place’ to grow in the ability to communicate touchingly and powerfully through song.

Wonderfully informative, germane…..an endless pleasure. Bill is a brilliant teacher.

The week was an incredible journey with wonderfully talented people. Bill is a genius!

Based on a solid foundation of scientific fact, the vocal technique is presented in a fashion that can be understood by performers at all levels – and it’s fun!

If I could have only one week of training for singing and performing, this would be it.

Private Studio

Bill Reed is patient, kind and incredibly gifted as a teacher. He has worked with my daughter, Thabitha, for over a year and the change in her voice is indescribable. She has learned so much from him. Because of Bill and all of his hard work and dedication, she is spending the summer in NYC at Circle in the Square! His ability to play piano for numerous students at his cabaret events is amazing. Sally Olson is also the glue that holds it all together, so thanks to her and all of her hard work! We are so fortunate that he is here! Thank you. ~ Kerry Fantelli (parent)

Bill Reed is an amazing professional voice coach and so much more. My daughter grew from being an insecure teen to a confident young woman. She performed in both middle school and high school drama programs, continues to be involved in Flynn Arts productions. Her freshman year at UVM she performed and was assistant stage manager at The Royal Tyler Theater. The foundation she has built all started under Bill Reed’s expertise. ~ Eileen Cataldo (parent)

Bill Reed has it all, and is willing to share it. In helping his students to train their voices, he takes a remarkably integrated holistic approach. Fostering emotions of surprise and delight, he can expand a singer’s range in short order. At the same time, he draws on very precise anatomical knowledge to support vocal development. Attentive , genial, and kind, Bill works successfully with a wide range of students, from pre-teens to elders in their 80’s – stunning, when you think about it. And with zest, élan, and a host of connections with professional singers from the New York Broadway and classical scenes, he offers optional intensive weeks of training that take his students’ skills to the next level, inspiring them by close contact with successful and enthusiastic performers. What more could one possibly as for?! ~ Michael Atkinson, adult voice student

I have been taking singing lessons from Bill Reed for a few years now. His professionalism and knowledge is by far more then I could ask for. Since being with the Bill Reed Voice Studio I know the right techniques to sing any type of music…If you’re looking to get to Broadway or perfect your singing technique, Bill Reed Voice Studio is the place to go. ~ Adam Skiff, adult voice student

I wanted to update you on school so far. I wanted to thank you for all the training you have given me because everyone I’ve worked with here has said what a great foundation I have. My voice teacher at school was so impressed and was grateful that you have taught me so much because then we got to have fun and play with my range. Thank you for all the training with my voice and advice you’ve given me over the past seven years. I owe so much to you. ~ Noa Saunders (NYU student)

I’ve enrolled my children in countless camps, workshops, theatre classes, etc. and I can unequivocally say that their lessons with Bill Reed have been the most transformative of all of them–bar none. Right from the first day, Bill was able to hone in on their personal musical gifts, and help them find their true voices–along with a confidence that seems to seep into a lot more than just their musical theatre productions. We are truly privileged to have someone of his caliber here in Vermont. ~ Joyce Hendley (parent)

If there’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it’s that Bill Reed really knows what he’s talking about. The lessons that you receive are such high quality, and so quick to bring out a vocal quality that you didn’t even realize that you had, it makes you feel as though you’re getting access to the highest quality voice lessons you could ever imagine, and to be fair, you really are. What’s even more impressive is the list of students that he’s influenced, and what they’ve gone on to do. Seriously, Google it. He makes you feel like the most important person in the world, because these kind of lessons feel like they should be reserved for said person. 12 outta 10, would recommend to anyone interested in a theatrical career. ~ Peter Lumholdt (high school student)

I have enjoyed our time together and the work has been invaluable to me–critical for my professional life. For this, I am grateful and reminded every day as I do the warm up tape. ~ Arnie Kozak (adult student)

Singers On Stage

Just watching those girls sing made me think about my potential. All of those talented girls were so inspiring and their voices were outstanding! I am inspired. ~ Briege Riley (junior high student)

The Singer’s Art Concert Series

So great to sing today, can’t wait for the concert!!! Really felt good today. Thank you for having us all here and arranging such a special experience. I’m so lucky to have come from your studio and to have such a wonderful mentor in my life. ~ Christopher Colmenero, tenor

Workshop Series

Those kids LOVED it!!! I have never heard them so happy. Please thank Bill again. He may have changed some lives! ~ Sue Walsh, former assistant to Susan Stroman and Vergennes Union High School drama director; Musical Theatre workshop at Vergennes Union High School, 2016

Such an amazing and valuable experience! I learned so much! Thank you to Sally Olson, Bill Reed and Kevin McGuire for putting this workshop on! ~ Gaelyn Klein, Les Misérables Audition Workshop with Broadway Veteran Kevin McGuire, 2013

Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization

Sophia Parker (Miss Vermont Outstanding Teen 2015) received terrific help with her talent from MVOT sponsor and world-class talent coach, Bill Reed and his colleague, a brilliant Alexander Technique teacher, Sami Pincus! Sophia learned so much from each of them, and we were touched and inspired by their wisdom, skills, and kindness! ~ Julianna Parker (Sophia’s mother)

I am really enjoying working with you (Bill) and I have been talking to Sue Lackey the past couple of days about how wonderful you are and how much you have helped strengthen my voice. ~ Chelsea Ingram, Miss Vermont 2012