Sally Olson

Sally Olson

Sally Olson is a singer, actress and artist and is the former managing director of Bill Reed Voice Studio (2010 to 2018). After nearly nine years of managing the voice studio, Sally made the difficult decision to spread her wings and relocated to Las Vegas, NV in late April 2018, due to some exciting opportunities related to her Carpenters Tribute Concert and singing career…including being featured entertainment for the Carpenters 50th Anniversary convention in Thousand Oaks, CA in April 2019. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sally is a graduate of Middlebury College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Studio Art and French. Sally also attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and the acclaimed Circle in the Square Theatre School in NYC. She has participated in various art exhibitions, completed numerous art commissions, and has artwork on display in Middlebury College’s permanent collection ( She has been acting and singing since childhood and can be seen in local/regional commercials, film, theatre and cabaret performances. Sally starred in the commercial Emily’s Bridge for Heritage Automotive Group, written and produced by Mt. Mansfield Media, which was awarded “Television Agency Produced Most Creative Commercial” of 2011. She also starred in Widow, directed by Michael Fisher, an award-winning short film that was praised at both the Green Mountain Film Festival and the White River Indie Film Festival in 2010.

For more than four years, the Vermont native has immersed herself in all things Carpenters. In 2013, Bill suggested that Sally consider putting together a one-woman show. They started reading through music and came across the Carpenters’ songbook, which was a perfect fit for Sally both vocally and emotionally. The show began as a one-woman act in January 2015 in Burlington, VT, followed by the debut of a holiday show in 2017 in Canton, Ohio. Carpenters Tribute Concert is unique, due to its high degree of authenticity. Sally and her all-star band have captivated audiences across the country with faithful and spot-on recreations of the Carpenters’ music, playing to audiences in venues from performing arts centers, to cabaret spaces such as the famed Triad Theater in NYC, to packed showrooms in Las Vegas.

Randy Schmidt, author of Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter, has said that “Sally’s tribute to Karen Carpenter is heartfelt and honest” and Lane Gibson, recording studio owner, producer and engineer, claims that Sally has “an uncanny resemblance” and looks and sounds “just like Karen!” Sally is truly unsurpassed in her startling representation of Karen Carpenter and captures the essence of the late singer right down to her hairstyles, costumes, makeup, gestures and voice. Sally’s stunning vocals combined with vintage costumes, historical commentary, lovely arrangements and a live band led by acclaimed Las Vegas-based musical director Ned Mills, takes audiences on an incredible journey into the world of the Carpenters and offers a glimpse of the woman behind the music.

In April 2017, Sally made her NYC debut at the famed Triad Theater on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. While in the city, Sally was a special guest on Sunday Night Live Featuring The Late Joey Reynolds on 77 WABC and The Mom & Pop Shop Radio Show with George Bettinger on It’s Right Here in Miramar Radio, as well as being featured on Scott Barbarino’s Nite Life Exchange dot com. Sally has also been a guest on several Vermont-based TV and radio shows, including Morning Chat with Kenn Hayes on WSYB 1380 AM/100.1 FM and ABC 22/Fox 44 Morning Brew, in addition to guest appearances on WKYC ABC 3, Cleveland, Lakeside Today! and GO B Networks Podcast, Las Vegas, to name a few. Sally made her Las Vegas debut in January 2018. To keep up with Sally’s endeavors, please visit

(Photo credit: Green Destiny Images)